Bud's Best Cookies - Little Cookie, Big Taste

Bud's Best Cookies - Little Cookies, Big Taste

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Cookies are in my blood. As a boy of 12 years old, working in my aunt's bakery, I knew that someday I wanted to own my own cookie factory. I've now been in the cookie business for more than fifty years.

My vision and dream of building the most modern cookie factory in the world came true in 1991. Of course, I've seen a lot of changes over the years - from selling cookies out of a jar for a penny each, to producing over a million cookies per hour. We even offer tours through the factory on our Cookie Train, so you can see for yourself how Bud's Best Cookies are made.

But, besides their delicious taste, perhaps one of the greatest things about Bud's Best Cookies is... they're bite-sized! That means they're perfect for kids of all ages.

Because of our commitment to give our customers the highest quality cookies at the lowest possible price, you have my word:

Bud's Best is The best!